Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 3-Car Rentals and Wild Animal Park

So, our car saga continued into day 3 of our San Diego vacation. We set out once again to rent a car, so as to not ruin our "mini" vacation. We had the front desk of the hotel call us a cab and taxi driver drove us to the airport to rent a car. Once we arrived at the car rental location, we attempted to rent a car. Did you read that? I said, ATTEMPTED! Not everyone knows this, but we no longer have any credit cards. Not ONE credit card. Not good. We do not have the best credit and we don't want to settle for just any ol' credit card. We have neglected to get one for over a year now. We used to have five. Yep. Five. All with over 20% interest rates. Ha! We won't do that again.

Anyway, back to the story. So, they would not rent us a car without a credit card. We could have paid them cash and upon returning the car, got most of our money back, but we needed the money to fix the car, remember? So, they sent us on our merry way. They found us a car rental place that charged us triple the amount for a car, but we rented it without a credit card. How nice?! Four hours after starting our car rental adventure, we were on our way to the Wild Animal Park.

Have I told you how well-behaved the kids were this whole time? Well, they were! Everything was an adventure to them, so they had not a care in the world. We made it to the Wild Animal Park, already exhausted. We took the train around the park and walked around to a few exhibits, but by then we were spent.

We decided to go to the beach in Oceanside, as the kids were begging to swim in the ocean. It was a beautiful day out and we lucked out by having sunshine the entire time we were at the beach.

We had a wonderful time, laughing, swimmming, collecting sea shells, building sand castles and watching the dolphins jump not too far off of the shore. It was the perfect ending to an otherwise stressful day. We left the beach and headed down the coast. It was such a beautiful drive and the kids slept most of the way.

We were craving seafood, as one knows that you can't go to San Diego without eating seafood. We are not big seafood fans, but every once in awhile we give it a try. We had no clue where to eat, so we decided on Joe's Crab Shack. Not bad. Next time, we will do a little more research on seafood eateries in San Diego.

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Loraine said...

beautiful pictures!!! i LOVE pictures of kids on the beach.

and quite a story. jeesh.

glad you got home safely.