Thursday, April 30, 2009

Day 2-Sea World

We put our car troubles aside and decided to go ahead and enjoy ourselves for the rest of the weekend and deal with fixing the car on Monday. We were even hoping that someone else would tell us that we could drive home in second gear-hoping being the key word.

We spent a wonderful day at Sea World and the weather was perfect. We even were a little overdressed with our jeans and short sleeve t-shirts!

Ummm...these were the rocks that said, "Please don't climb!" Can't keep this girl from climbing!

The best part of the day was seeing the joy and wonderment in the kids eyes. Their eyes would sparkle as each whale, dolphin or sea lion did a trick. They were in heaven!

After our fun-filled day, we hopped in the car to go find a yummy seafood restaurant. We made it less than a mile, when the car started making a wonderful clunking sound and then it would not shift into the next gear. Nice! Scott pulled over as soon as he could and we both just looked at each other.

The lovelies were in the back yelling, "Why aren't we going, we thought we were going to eat dinner?" Over and over and over again.

Scott got the car to at least go a little and we made it back to our hotel going 25mph. We asked the front desk if there was a car rental place nearby, as we were determined to not let this ruin our trip. He said it was less than a mile down the street. We gathered the kids up and we started walking...and walking...and walking. A few miles later we realized that the guy probably didn't know what he was talking about. The kids were in hog heaven! They loved the excitement of walking down the busy street and seeing some of the same stores and restaurants that we have in Arizona. Not sure why that was exciting, but it was. We finally found a nice Me*xican restaurant and had some dinner. We decided to pursue our car rental endeavors the next day...

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