Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ten Random Confessions:

1. I convinced Blake tonight to get a manicure. He said that his friends would make fun of him, I told him they wouldn't even notice. I spruced up his fingers and he LOVED it!

2. I yelled too much today and I hated it! I guess I should have left the house to get some fresh air. I was too busy cleaning for someone that only stayed 20 minutes...

3. Cadence really scares me when she "talks" to God. She says that he tells her things all of the time-I can't believe how in touch she is with her spirituality! I wish I had the faith of a child!

4. I worry too much! Yep! ALL.OF.THE.TIME. I worry about dying and leaving my children without a mom, worry about having a fire, worry about having a deadly disease, etc. etc. I guess I should practice what my daughter preaches!

5. I only watch the news and American Idol on tv. I used to watch 2-4 shows a night, but homework, life, and the computer have taken over!

6. Speaking of the computer-yep-I am addicted and need to go to Internet Addicts Anonymous. Is there such a thing?

7. I have a ton of regrets from my past, but one looms over me everyday and I wish I could fix it and change it, but I don't think the other party would be receptive of my apologies. I lost a good friend because of it...

8. I am more outspoken now than I have ever been. Sometimes it's good and sometimes not so much. Like tonight when the Target worker got an attitude because our cart was in his way. Instead of letting him treat me like you know what, I simply said, "Oh sorry, you just had to say, excuse me." Um, yeah, where did that come from. Then the other day during my class I actually sang in front of everyone and had a presentation that I was not the least bit nervous for. Interesting for this very shy girl.

9. I wish I could relive my high school years! I would have been kinder, more forgiving, ditched the boys and found friends that were genuine.

10. I started to write something negative for almost all of these confessions, but deleted each one as I wrote it. I think this is a step in the right direction, I want to be more positive and live my life for HIM!


Every morning when I wake, I find two bundles of joy cuddled next to me!

Their sweet breath, their peaceful smiles, their beautiful long lashes, and their tiny freckles make the scrunched bed worth it!

Oh, how I love my children!