Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blake's Indiana Jones Adventure Party

You are invited to join Dr. __________ (aka Blake) on an adventure to the remote corners of Peru. Help Dr. __________ unlock the secrets of the ancient tombs, the forgotten explorers and the city of gold.

Don't be late and be sure to wear your Indy Attire.

We held Blake's party at Papago Park in Phoenix, AZ. Blake picked the spot after we took a morning hike to the pyramid that sits on a hill at the top of the park. He fell in love with the pyramid and it was all that he talked about for weeks!

The location was perfect!

There were old stone canals running around the perimeter of the ramadas, that the kids absolutely loved. We really didn't need any planned activities, as that is all they wanted to do.

However, me being the party planner that I am, had several 'clues' for the kids to find as they completed each obstacle or 'adventure' In an effort to be fair, each child was to complete an obstacle by finding a clue that had their name on it and a golden coin.

The first adventure was crossing the alligator canal and searching for their clue on the other side. Once every child found their name, they had to find a large puzzle piece that would eventually lead them to the treasure hidden in the rocks next to the pyramid.

After the alligator pond, they had a relay to see which team could fill the bucket with the snake's blood the fastest. I purchased plastic skull margarita glasses at the dollar store and they had to fill them up with water colored with red food coloring and run to the plastic buckets set up on a table.

They dug through a bucket filled with wet sand, coffee grounds and slimy bugs. They dove into a 'snake pit' which was an inflatable pool purchased on clearance and they dug through monkey brains (green jello and ramen noodles.)

They found all of their large puzzle pieces and put the puzzle together to reveal that the treasure was in the pyramid. They made the trek up to the top of the hill and found the crystal skull and a treasure box filled with jewels, gold coins and ring pops. The kids all received a satchel that was purchased from the dollar store to keep all of their findings in. Here are some more pics from the party. We really had a great time and now all of his friends want an Indiana Jones Party. It was very inexpensive and the most memorable of all of Blake's parties.

Happy Birthday Blake! We love you so much! From the moment we found out we were having a baby, we were in love. You have brought so much joy into our lives and you are truly special! You are a wonderful big brother, you are so creative, kind and loving. I love all of the wonderful pictures you draw for us and you are doing such a great job at writing your name and learning how to read!

Happy 5th Birthday! We are truly blessed to have you in our lives!