Monday, October 12, 2009

Some funny things that Cadence has said...

The other day Cadence came home from school and was telling me how the boys at school were chasing her. She expressed that she wasn't sure she liked this.

ME: "Well, maybe they just like you?"

HER: "Oh, they do, they think I'm cute."

ME: "Oh, really?" "How do you know that?"

HER: "Well, when they're chasing me, they're always smiling at me, that's how I know I'm cute."

The next one was this:

ME: "Cadence, I think you should wear your skirt, it is so cute."
HER: "You know mom, I don't have to wear a cute skirt to have people look at me and tell me I'm cute!"

I always dreamed of having a child that was more confident than I was, I guess I got my wish! She gets this confidence from her dad!

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Mind Of Mindi said...

SO cute!
I love the things kids say! I have a sidebar dedicated to what my 3 little ones tell me. :)