Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Few Random Things

Blake has started school. I will post pictures and a cute story later, but I wanted to share with you our conversation from yesterday, as it was just too cute.

When I pick Blake up from school he is full of stories and adventures from his day. He LOVE'S to talk while we drive home. Yesterday the conversation turned to what he wants to be when he grows up. This is the first time that I think he truly understands what this means. Here was his list:

Police Officer
Horse Doctor
Demolition Derby Driver

Pretty great aspirations if I do say so myself. Well, after he told me what he NOW wants to be he decided to tell me what he USED to want to be.

Last time ago (his words for the past) I wanted to be a:

Construction Worker
Someone who fixes trains
Daycare Worker (Whoa! Can't believe I had that much of an impression!)

Well, I think he told me about 10 other jobs. When he never mentioned what daddy does, I figured I would ask him.

ME: "So you don't want to be a post hole digger and put in real estate posts?'
HIM: "No way, that is way too hard of work!"

I had to laugh-I am glad that he realizes how hard his dad's job is and that he sees his dad working hard to provide for our family. While I know Scott would like to "check-out" and be done with our business. He can't. He won't. Unless of course, he knows that there is another way to provide for his family. I love Blake's honesty and once again I love that he recognizes that his dad works hard. I hope someday that Blake will have a job and work hard to provide for his family.

Thank you Scott for providing for our family!

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